Who We Are

We are a foundation dedicated to listening to real youth to understand the problems. 

MKE a Scene is a Milwaukee based non-profit dedicated to helping fight and spread the awareness of mental health issues in our youth. With every child just wanting to be heard, we are here to help their voices to make their own scene.

Through Art, Music, and film, 'MKE a Scene' is giving children and young adults the creative space to safely express their thoughts, emotions, and struggles. Handing over the reins to their own creativity, we are guiding a new generation to stand up and lead the way through directing and producing to help bring light to the issues they think are causing youth so much pain. 

We wanted to do something to give back to Milwaukee

We believe music empowers youth through tough times and brings comfort to those with mental health issues. Our purpose is to give them an opportunity to express themselves by partnering with local musicians and producers and MaKE their own music that can be used for fundraising.

Eric Johnson of Hot By Ziggy started the organization in June with his fiance, Hillarie Sandberg, and friends Greg Zupek and Andrew Klain (also in Hot By Ziggy). A fifth partner in the project, Alex Kultgen, passed away this summer. Initially, his unexpected death stalled the organization’s early development, but eventually, his memory inspired the first steps. 

“We’re doing this in memory of Alex and for kids and families in Milwaukee,” says Johnson. "The album "Sleighin' It" turned out perfect. It's fun to listen to and it even had me shed a few tears," says Eric Johnson